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"Confidence is being able to say “Fuck you, I’m the shit” without opening your mouth, say it with your walk, with your smile, say it with your entire being."

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If you arent losing weight to please yourself you dont need to lose weight.






I’m so gruntled to have found this

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niggas is so fuckin childish and stupid about relationships.. just let me fucking love you with yo scary ass.

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whatever i’m entitled to my opinion. so this girl tweeted today “black men are losing because they are too weak as black men to handle black women so they go for these submissive spanish and white women”. i wanted to respond on twitter but my response would be way too long so i feel like talking my ass off on here. so here’s my honest opinion on why a lot of black men don’t take interest in dating black women…

black women are notorious for a few things: having bad attitudes, not knowing how to act in public, being loud, not knowing when to shut the fuck up, and being for lack of a better word “unbecoming”… or should i just say ratchet. did anyone ever stop to think that the reason why some white people have this negative perception of black people is BECAUSE OF BLACK PEOPLE? stereotypes are all negative but they don’t come up out of nowhere, there is a little truth behind all stereotypes. and the reason why there’s all these stereotypes of black women is because of black women. black women ruined black women. that one black girl beating the shit out of the lady in the fast food window for getting her order wrong, or that one black girl twerking with her pants off in front of little children has ruined it for the next black girl who is a lady and has a lot going for her and is well rounded polite and put together. 

one person’s response to the girl’s tweet was “black girls have bad attitudes” and then someone else responded to that and said “spanish girls have attitudes just as bad” but the difference is spanish girls come out of the womb motherly and ready to take care of a man no matter what. 

black men have encountered so many black women like what i just described that they tend to throw them all of them in to the same category and choose to not deal with them and keep it moving on to the spanish and white women. not saying that black men aren’t wrong for throwing all black women in to the same category, but this is why they do. so in my opinion black men are not losing, black men are just tired of black women making fools out of themselves. no man wants a woman who’s loud in public and is always acting up and out and is always being a bitch. there’s a fine line between being head strong and independent, and irrational and immature. and also in my opinion, as a woman if you need to be “handled” then you are not a woman… you are a child.

i think black women should stop complaining about black men not dating them and instead try to change themselves. besides, who you attract is a reflection of who you are. so just thought i would share an opinion on here because i usually just post and reblog photos of things i take interest in and never really talk about anything so yeah… and i’m outttttt.

u know u bout to die on this website right

I suggest u just hide in a cave they gon find u 



His whole post was a huge contradiction